CTG is committed to ethical social and environmental practices. We take our role as a good corporate citizen seriously. By focusing on our Core Values and principles, doing right by our clients, colleagues, and communities comes naturally. As a global company, we support geographic and industry-specific best practices.

Our Core Values

We meet our commitment to make reliability matter by living our values every day; we say what we mean, we do what we say, and we always get the job done.

social responsibility

Our social responsibility principles inform the way we work. CTG is committed to the highest standards in our labor practices, the health and safety of our employees, and business ethics.

CTG has business operations in North America, Western Europe, and India, all regions with strict labor laws regarding human rights. We have internal policies intended to ensure our compliance with these laws, and we will not knowingly conduct business with anyone who violates these laws or basic human rights. We are committed to adhering to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), local labor laws, and prevailing wage rates. CTG prohibits any form of workplace or sexual harassment, and all employees are required to work in a manner that prevents harassment in the workplace. This policy is one component of CTG’s commitment to a discrimination-free work environment.

None of CTG’s owned or leased office spaces are subject to industrial hazards and all adhere to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) office standards. We will not knowingly transact business with, or place our team members at, companies that do not enforce appropriate workplace safety and health standards.

CTG's Code of Business Conduct serves as our baseline for business ethics, and all employees are required to adhere to these guidelines. Our Fraud Policy aids in the detection and prevention of fraud against CTG/our affiliates or by its employees. We’re committed to providing clients with high-quality services that conform to mutually agreed-upon requirements and maintain certifications that support our Quality Charter including 9001:2015 certification for our European operations. 

CTG Luxembourg PSF holds the “Entreprise Socialement Responsable” (Socially Responsible Enterprise) label that is awarded by the INDR Luxembourg (Institut National pour le Développement Durable et la Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises), an organization that aims to promote responsible business practices in Luxembourg.

Our whistleblower hotline ensures that there is a confidential way to report any concerns with CTG business practices. Specific to CTG Luxembourg, PSF S.A., we have complaint handling (traitement des réclamations) processes for clients, in accordance with CSSF’s Regulation 16-07 and Circular 17/671.

environmental responsibility

Sound environmental practices start with each of us.

CTG maintains a relatively small footprint. As a professional services provider, much of our focus is on the individual behavior of our team members and the decisions we make in managing our office spaces. Our environmental strategy has three areas of focus:

Personal Initiative
Many of our improvements come from our employee's environmentally conscious efforts. CTG supports these efforts by:

  • Maintaining policies and initiatives to reduce our footprint and tracking results
  • Providing flexible and remote-working opportunities to reduce emissions
  • Supporting environment-focused programs, such as Earth Day
  • Raising awareness of environmentally sound practices through policy manuals, in-house publications, and websites

Corporate Contracts and Purchasing
CTG is committed to doing business with companies that share our environmental concern. Examples include purchasing environmentally-friendly products and prioritizing property management companies and office spaces that utilize environmentally friendly materials, policies, and services.

Corporate Stewardship
We’re conscious of our impact on the communities our teams call home. Over the years, we’ve made significant improvements that support reducing the footprint of our North American corporate headquarters, located in Buffalo, New York. In all locations, we are committed to ensuring that none of our outdated computer systems and electronics end up in landfills and that our office waste be disposed of through local energy-from-waste programs.

Whistleblower Hotline: EthicsPoint: Anyone who believes a policy, standard, or law violation has occurred can call the hotline (+1 844 627 6885) or make a report on the website 24 hours a day. You can choose to remain anonymous, and any information provided will remain confidential. International telephone numbers are available on the website.

PSF Complaint Handling (Traitement des Réclamations): Any client of CTG Luxembourg PSF S.A. (“CTG PSF”) has the right to submit a complaint to CTG PSF at any time, for any reason, in accordance with the CSSF’s Regulation 16-07 (en français: Règlement 16-07) and Circular 17/671 (en français: Circulaire 17/671).

The complaint must be submitted in writing via physical mail to the address listed on our locations page, or via email to [email protected]. An acknowledgment of the complaint will be sent to the client within 10 business days of receipt and will provide the name and contact details of the person who will handle the complaint through resolution. The client must receive a satisfactory answer within one month of the date the complaint was sent. Otherwise, the client has one year to file a request with the CSSF. The parties may refer the subject matter of the complaint to the courts at any time.

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