Create a Custom Digital Workspace That Puts People First

PeopleOne—a modern intranet with a social twist—enables communication and collaboration on a unified platform. Much more than a place to house documents and apps, our mobile-enabled (Android and iOS) platform gives you a canvas to create a workplace that fosters comradery, presents vital news, centralizes information in one location, and helps people find what they need to do their best work. 

To stay competitive, your organization needs to meet evolving employee expectations. PeopleOne enables you to: 

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    Customize an engaging and visually stunning home page that matches your company brand and vision

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    Reinforce a positive, inclusive work culture

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    Celebrate employee accomplishments

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    Encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas, virtually

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    Provide a single place to access essential information and documents

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    Inform employees of critical news—anywhere, anytime

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Intranet of the Future: Why More Organizations Are Turning to PeopleOne

  • User Experience

    UI Expectations Are Changing

    Given the explosion of streaming services and social media apps with sleek user interfaces, employees now expect work to mirror their consumer experience. A modern, customized platform for employee engagement will redefine how your teams interact in the workplace.

  • Computer/Webinar

    Connection in a Remote World

    While remote and hybrid work are becoming more common, people still yearn for community and genuine connection. Creating dedicated spaces for discussion, employee recognition, team collaboration and brainstorming, and event promotion gives employees numerous opportunities for welcome personal touchpoints. 

  • Communication

    Email and Messaging Apps Only Go So Far

    There’s no doubt that email and messaging apps are critical communication tools, but important messages can easily get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day chats and busy inboxes. Kudos, achievements, events, and company-wide announcements demand more visibility. 

  • Planning

    Application and Data Overwhelm

    Today’s employees must learn larger, more complex tech stacks and are expected to consume documents and data faster than ever. Organizations need a sole source of truth where core apps and documents are a click away. 

Improve Communications, Fuel Culture and Engagement, and Increase Productivity

With PeopleOne, you can communicate clearly, collaborate effectively, and create unique employee experiences like never before—all in an environment customized to your company’s brand.   

Key Benefits of PeopleOne

  • Partnership Consulting

    Unite Employees

    Break down silos created by old communication methods by providing a central place for all employees to interact—regardless of location or job responsibility. 

  • Social Media

    Encourage Employee Recognition

    Create spaces to share kudos and build a supportive culture. Spotlight individual and team accomplishments to keep everyone inspired and motivated.

  • User Interaction

    Create a Genuine Community

    Spark connections by promoting upcoming events, opening chat forums, highlighting team activities, and much more. 

  • Communication Male

    Keep Employees Informed

    Communicate instantly with employees in real time no matter where they are with push notifications from our Android and iOS mobile apps.

  • Interface

    Simplify Knowledge Management

    House all organizational knowledge in a central repository. Help people retrieve what they need, when they need it, through a single, easy-to-access digital location. 

  • Review Assess Checklist

    Support Employee-Informed Decision Making

    Create targeted surveys and polls so you can make data-driven decisions. Let your employees know that their ideas and opinions are valued.

  • Communication 3

    Boost Employee Participation

    Deliver rich multimedia content that improves consumption and encourages engagement. Use direct, peer, and group models of engagement to inspire employees to participate and interact.

  • Care

    Build a Positive Culture

    Foster a supportive, respectful workplace environment by promoting diversity and inclusion. Establish a culture of belonging where employees feel welcomed, heard, included, recognized, and connected.

Product Compliance

We adhere to the proper controls related to security, availability, processing integrity confidentiality, and privacy of client data and the protection of patient health information in the U.S. Eleviant CTG’s PeopleOne, vBots, and vChat products are SOC 3 Certified and HIPAA compliant.

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PeopleOne Technology Features

  • Modern, Secure Technology

    Built on Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, PeopleOne is a secure enterprise intranet solution for your employees to connect, collaborate, and share information in real-time. PeopleOne is SOC 2 Type 1 Certified and HIPAA compliant.

  • Easy-To-Use CMS

    Create, publish, and manage content with ease using our next-gen publishing tools. Focus on creative, workable content rather than figuring out technical complexities. 

  • Android and iOS Mobile Apps

    Reach your employees instantly wherever they are with simplified push notifications using our native mobile applications.

  • Centralized Storage

    Our Document Management System enables fast and easy retrieval of all documents in one place for your employees anywhere, anytime.

  • Fully Integrated

    PeopleOne connects your business to any solution. Our platform acts as a launchpad for all applications, whether they are homegrown or third-party.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the significance of the name PeopleOne?

    PeopleOne is all about bringing people together as one community. As an employee engagement and work collaboration platform, it provides a seamless way for your organization to share information to all employees, receive feedback, and help employees stay informed, productive, and efficient.

  • Who benefits from PeopleOne?

    Every employee can benefit and actively participate in the PeopleOne platform. When PeopleOne is implemented, your organization’s Marketing, Communications, HR, and IT teams often take lead with initial content creation and encouraging platform adoption. However, all departments, teams, and individuals can create workspaces where they can quickly find the core apps, information, and documents that are most relevant to them. Depending on your organization’s preferences, content creation can be opened to everyone and vetted through an editorial process that you control.

  • How do I know which teams in my organization will be interested in using PeopleOne?

    PeopleOne is a tool that impacts every member of the organization, no matter the department or team. While IT, HR, and Comms are often the most actively involved, other teams may create content, interact with existing content, and create their own document or information repositories.

  • How will PeopleOne benefit my organization?

    PeopleOne offers employees a single source of (document) truth and reinforces an environment that recognizes and celebrates team member achievement. Team members can quickly find all the documents they need, toggle between core apps they use every day, and keep up with critical updates and news. Dedicated spaces for employee recognition and achievement encourage a more uplifting, collaborative, and productive work culture.

  • Is PeopleOne an all-in-one platform?

    Though the PeopleOne platform itself does not replace other essential communication applications outright (i.e., email or direct messaging), the platform does centralize all core apps, document management, company news, and employee engagement features in one place. The platform compliments SharePoint and Microsoft 365 by creating a single source of truth.

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