Eliminate Mundane Tasks Through Intelligent Automation 

vBots robotic process automation (RPA) bots automate repetitive, rule-based tasks and activities without human assistance. These bots not only pay for themselves through saved time and resources, but also free up your employees’ time to focus on more strategic work.

Built to address your organization’s unique process needs with efficiency as a top priority, vBots deliver the time, accuracy, and cost benefits of automation without requiring specialized technical skills to build and maintain them.

vBots also uncover new data insights to improve any number of critical focus areas—from customer service to partner alignment or employee productivity—and drive the agility and resilience that make the difference between winning or losing in today’s increasingly digital economy.

Automation Saves Time, Empowers Employees, Improves Insights 

vBots enable enterprises to offload tedious processes and improve data quality and insights while freeing employees to focus on their most meaningful work. 

  • Speed

    2x faster proceses

  • Decline

    90% reduction in manual work

  • Testing Assess

    90% accuracy

  • Performance Speed

    100+ hours saved every week

  • Decrease Cost

    80% reduction in operating cost

  • Revenue2

    100% ROI within the first three months

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Discover vBots' power—see for yourself how vBots can automate tasks to reduce time and cost requirements, and allow your employees to focus on what matters most.

Key Benefits of vBots RPA Bots

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    Humans make mistakes, but vBots don’t. With the help of technologies like OCR, data capture and validation errors are reduced, enabling better business predictability and integrity.

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    vBots scale to handle any process volume with ease—whether a few hundred or thousands of interactions, they keep up with the growth of any business.

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    Availability and Speed

    vBots work 24x7 and much faster than employees can, enabling higher engagement and support levels, critical competitive and brand differentiators.

Product Compliance

We adhere to the proper controls related to security, availability, processing integrity confidentiality, and privacy of client data and the protection of patient health information in the U.S. Eleviant CTG’s PeopleOne, vBots, and vChat products are SOC 3 Certified and HIPAA compliant.

How Can Your Organization Use vBots? 

vBots deliver features and customizable capabilities designed to support the specific needs of different roles and business processes. vBots application opportunities are endless, but a few ways that Eleviant CTG clients are benefiting from vBots today include:

  • Revenue4

    Invoice Automation

    vBot for invoice automation extracts important data from invoices and feeds it into any accounts payable system. Invoicing—traditionally a paper-based system fraught with inefficient manual processes, delays, and errors—can be automated to improve productivity and save time and resources. 

  • Collateral/Reports

    Employee Onboarding

    Onboarding new employees will always require a human touch, but there are mundane tasks that automation can streamline so that you focus on what matters—your employees. vBot for employee onboarding automates and simplifies onboarding paperwork for a smoother experience for new employees and less stress for HR.

  • Communication 3

    Customer Onboarding

    Customer onboarding includes critical first-impression activities that can harm a customer relationship if not managed with the precision and care your customers expect. vBot for customer onboarding eliminates the risk of human error and miscommunication by automating customer engagement and communications and allows you to focus on building long-term customer loyalty throughout the duration of the customer lifecycle. 

  • Revenue30

    Payroll Automation

    Running payroll every month is a tedious and resource-intensive process that is ideal for vBot automation. This bot delivers timely and error-free administration of payroll through automated collection of employee data from timesheets, efficient and accurate management of regional and special tax circumstances, and more.

  • Health Tablet2

    Applied Epic Automation

    Insurance industry processes such as direct bill reconciliation, carrier documents retrieval, renewals, notice of cancellations, and policy amendments demand error-free performance. vBot for Applied Epic, a leading insurance industry application, streamlines policy management processing activities, automates the input and extraction of data, ultimately eliminating manual work and maximizing value insurers seek from their Applied Epic Insurance Management Systems.

  • Development

    Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Reporting

    Banks had to process and submit tremendous volumes of payment reports to the Federal Reserve when the U.S. government introduced the PPP during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. vBot for PPP loan reporting streamlined and automated the entire process—from data validation, data consolidation, templatized report creation, and email triggering—saving our financial clients tremendous time and resource cost and increasing confidence in their organization’s federal reporting.

vBots reduced data quality issues by 90% and average policy turnaround time from 60 minutes to 25 minutes/policy for our insurance client by automating data management and repetitive processes in Applied Epic software.

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