Our End-to-End Solution for Maximum Efficiency

Promaides© is a personalized, secure, and connected software designed for retirement homes that provides fully integrated management, including hotel and catering, with value added specification depending on each country or customized orders.

our software helps you focus on patient care

Thanks to Promaides, your care team will save time on the resident care and have more time to spend on valuable aspects such as environment, wellness, etc. Our software:

  • Requirements Regulatory Compliance

    Fits Your Needs

    All aspects are taken into account, from hotel management to care management, through financial management.

  • Performance

    Maximizes Efficiency

    This solution allows structures to have a management closer to reality, in terms of optimizing the distribution of aid in the financial monitoring of cost items

  • Health

    Adapts for Care Use

    Because the patient is the center of all concerns, the primary objective its his optimal management.

  • Icon Person (1) - duplicate

    Is User Friendly

    Promaides is a modular platform, scalable, open, and accessible via any browser.

Innovative service management to drive digital transformatioN
  • Process


    Promaides is a modular solution that you can use to your own needs. It is configurable and customizable to match to your business.

  • Security

    Secure Solution

    Promaides fully secures access to your data. Each user has unique rights corresponding to his/her role in the organization. Access rights are thus granular and can be defined module by module.

  • Patient Experience Testing

    Your Personal Medical File

    Contributes to improving services rendered to patients by facilitating access to quality information that remains consistent wherever one may be.

  • Coordination

    Connected Solution

    You can easily use our Promaides customized design directly on tablets, laptops, or even smartphones thanks to our HTM 5 design.

  • Analytics

    Supply Management and Services

    We manage and monitor your supply management and services with a simply and unique interface.

  • Website/Domain

    Hostelery Management

    Our solution provides complete and powerful room and bed management as well as accommodation scheduling.

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