Gaining Real-Time Insights Through Connected Devices

From toothbrushes that track how often you brush to transportation systems that can tell exactly when a delivery is arriving, each day another smart device or capability comes to market. In fact, the total installed base of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices worldwide is projected to be 30.9 billion units by 2025. Technologies such as real-time analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and sensors make these connected devices increasingly sophisticated.

IoT solutions are everywhere, from the smart home to the factory. From increasing safety, to designing quicker and faster, to providing new insights, IoT services can transform businesses and lives. For organizations embarking on digital transformation, the analytics produced from IoT data can improve business performance and customer satisfaction.

Representative IoT Technology
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    • Digital twins
    • Medical and healthcare monitoring
    • Transportation
    • Building automation
    • Industrial systems
    • Smart manufacturing
    • Agriculture
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Supply chains
    • Equipment monitoring
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    • Smart home
    • Elder care
    • Autonomous driving vehicles
Key Considerations for IoT Project Success

Based on our experience providing IoT consulting services, we recognize that the same technological sophistication that makes IoT devices so full of promise also requires extra care when creating new products and capabilities. From network congestion, interference, and roaming challenges to security problems and overly complex configurations, IoT requires development and testing approaches that account for the real world. A robust IoT ecosystem considers:

  • Secure


    Many IoT devices hold sensitive and personal data. Not only does the device need to be secure, but also the data transmitted, the servers, and the communication network itself. For IoT devices that consumers do not interact with directly, security threats can be even harder to detect. Testing the vulnerability of an IoT device can stop a security breach before it happens.

  • Computer Network

    Fragmented Platforms

    The success of IoT depends on integrating hardware and software in a seamless experience. With so many different devices, operating systems, and configurations, it’s a huge to challenge to ensure the IoT devices works the same across all of them. IoT companies should perform testing on a variety of devices that reflect how the device will be used in the real world to uncover bugs that can hinder performance and negatively affect the user experience.

  • User Interaction

    User Interface (UX)

    IoT devices need to be easy to set up, connect, and use, just like websites and apps. Small things, such as whether a screen on a wearable can be seen on a rainy day, can determine how well an IoT device succeeds. It is essential to simulate the end-user experience across multiple environments and platforms. Using any IoT in the same way that a customer would is a proven strategy for uncovering bugs that will affect the way people use the product and their experience.

  • Innovation


    The key to any IoT device is its ability to connect to other devices via Bluetooth or a WiFi network. Connecting, and staying connected, to another device or network is complex. Connection issues can render an IoT unusable if it cannot communicate and share data. To avoid this, it is essential to test the ability of an IoT to connect to other devices using a connection that reflects the full capabilities of the IoT device. This type of testing should be done over a long period of time and with a variety of devices with different Bluetooth and WiFi configurations.

Digital Twin: An IoT Disruptor

As an IoT services company, one of the best examples of how IoT can work in the enterprise that we have seen is the digital twin, which comes from the world of Industrial IoT (IIoT). IIoT devices are typically used in industries like energy/oil and gas, manufacturing, and utilities, and focus on operational efficiency, asset performance management/maintenance, and automation.

A digital twin is a real-time, digital replica of the “real world,” made possible by IoT sensors and data. At its heart, the digital twin is a way to design, model, and monitor complex systems digitally. It provides real-time information about the physical asset, process, or system and lets enterprises test “what-if” scenarios and model process changes at a much lower cost than traditional prototyping.

For example, manufacturing uses sensor data in the digital twin to determine when equipment needs maintenance. Construction uses digital twins to verify that the as-built environment matches the plans. In oil and gas, they look up the measurement of a valve in a digital twin without having to physically visit the refinery. By combining tools for visualization, performance management, and dynamic diagrams, a digital twin offers a better understanding of current operations and a less costly way to explore the impact of potential changes.

Through our Digital Twin Solutions, CTG provides vendor-neutral, platform-agnostic consulting and technical services that maximize the cross-disciplinary value of digital twins. We help you define your strategy and design, scope, select, create, deploy, and sustain a digital twin ecosystem to provide a comprehensive and integrated view of your assets.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With IoT

Leveraging the power of connected IoT devices can provide your business with the insights it needs to make data-driven decisions, improve agility and efficiency, and achieve the desired outcomes of your digital transformation projects.

CTG’s IoT consulting services help your organization create an IoT strategy, implement and deploy solutions, and monitor the functionality and output of connected devices to ensure you have the trusted analytics you need.

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